Yes we do deliver bulk orders. In cases of bulk orders, we have dedicated private delivery team that brings your order to you when the order is big. This is because bulk orders need extreme care so as to avoid mistakes.

Once you place your order on our website, an automated contact is generated in our system on your names and address linking terms of purchase. This contract is a legal contract with product numbers and not it names for illegality purposes. And with this contract in case where you do not receive your package, You get 100% full refunds exact with the amount used for transfer charges. So your purchase with us is 100% guaranteed.

Age limit for purchase is 16years. Below this age, delivery is not accepted by our system.

All our packages come in discrete disguised/vacuum boxes with double seal. This keep it private from all surroundings as well detection. So your parcel will come to your home as any ordinary item delivery.

All orders within the UK, take approximately 2-4days depending on the area where you are located. While all international orders can take within 3-6days. While on Express delivery, we offer overnight and next day delivery(24hr) within UK, UK Canada and Australia.

Actually due to high taxes from this companies based on our product line, we are unable to meet up with their demands as well as break-even with our supplies. But we are still working on these to get better terms in the near future.

We do accept payment by T/T that is direct bank transfer, we do accept payment by Westernunion as well as MoneyGram. We do accept as well payment by Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

To place your Order, simply go to shop, scroll to find your product and click add to cart, or, in case you can’t find your product, there is a search bar at the top of the page, enter your product name and hit enter. Also if you have a more comprehensive request for products, for example, you want huge quantities, then during check out indicate that you a regular bulk buyer, so that you can obtain a Coupon. You can also send us an email or talk to us on our live chat. Our live chat is always available , if its showing offline, enter your name and email, your message and one of our staff will get back to you in less than 8hours. and we will be happy to help you place your order

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